Here are some curated items that customers may need when integrating Kozzet in their environment.

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This is not an exhaustive list; other solutions may work fine. Do you have a product suggestion to add? If so, please let us know.


  • Tablets with 10" high resolution screens are recommended.
  • Dark colors often coexist well with POS systems.


  • Almost any Bluetooth keyboard can be paired to a tablet.
  • Backlit keyboards are recommended for use in dim lighting conditions. (⚠️ Not all keyboards listed below are backlit.)
  • Compact keyboards are recommended to preserve valuable counterspace.
  • Pay attention to battery type and charging requirements (or battery replacement) for wireless keyboards.
  • Wired PC keyboards will not conveniently work with tablets.

Tablet Stands

  • Tablet stands need to be sturdy and adjustable.
  • Stands that can swivel may help sharing a tablet between two workstations.
  • Customers may be interested in security stands that lock the tablet to prevent theft. Most security stands require drilling and mounting to be effective.


  • When choosing cables, consider length and connector requirements.
  • Angled connector ends can help the cables become more discreet.


  • Acrylic table signs are long-lasting, light weight, and shatter-resistant.
  • T-style table signs are recommended over slanted because the sign is visible from both sides.
  • Tent style table signs can help preserve the sign paper from accidental spills.
  • 4x6 or 5x7 are popular dimensions for table signs.