Kozzet is an inexpensive way to improve your customer experience by offering mobile ordering.

All prices are in USD
1.9% + Stripe Processing Fees / transaction
Payments Powered by Stripe
Paymentless Ordering
1.9% / transaction
Kozzet serves as an Order Manager
Coexists with existing payment solutions
Allows clubs to bill monthly or hotels to settle at checkout
Invitations for Hotels & Resorts
$1.50 / room / month
Invitations for Guests
Invitations for Clubs
$0.50 / member
One-time electronic invitation blast for Members
One-Time Managed Setup
We can do much of the setup for you

You will also need


Signs may need to be strategically placed throughout service areas to communicate that the venue supports Kozzet.


Service stations need a tablet running the Kozzet Partner app. Typically existing Point of Sale terminal locations are used.

Optional Accessories

Customize your service experience with optional keyboards, tablet stands, and other accessories to maximize your service.

We can help you figure out exactly what your business will need.

Pricing Philosophy

Kozzet’s pricing structure is influenced by the following principles:

  1. Kozzet is competitive amongst available solutions, including building your own app.

    • Kozzet does not use expensive, proprietary hardware.
    • Adopting Kozzet should feel like a no-brainer decision.
  2. Kozzet’s success is aligned with customer success.

    • Kozzet creates value because studies show that people placing their own orders tend to engage with the menu longer and spend 15% to 25% more.
    • Transaction-based fees mean that Kozzet benefits from actual usage, and it is in our best interest to help your customers use the platform.
  3. Businesses are free to organize themselves as they see fit.

    • Businesses should be empowered to innovate and experiment with new revenue opportunities, so there are no fees related to the number of services made available.
    • Businesses should be flexible to seasonally adjust staffing, or use a combination of part-time vs full-time employees as they see fit, so there are no user-based fees.
    • Kozzet is customizable to fit your business.
  4. Pricing is transparent and fair.

    • Some competing services do not publish their pricing, which can lead to unfairness.
    • Transparent pricing is fair and builds trust.
  5. Pricing must sustainably support Kozzet.

    • Profits are reinvested into the business to grow.
    • Kozzet is constantly evolving to offer a richer service.


Is there a charge for the software?

Apps are available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Kozzet charges the place to be a partner on the Kozzet platform.

Does a business charge the same price for services ordered with Kozzet as without?

Yes! Prices found on a printed menu will match the prices found on a Kozzet menu. Kozzet users may not be charged more for ordering through Kozzet.

Can I have some services require payments while others are paymentless?

Yes! Enabling payments is a connection setting. A registered hotel guest with a credit card on file may be able to use paymentless ordering, then settle their bill upon checkout. Alternatively, you may choose to offers club members paymentless ordering, but offer services to guests using payments. Some entertainment venues may choose to always require payments.

Can I offer free services on Kozzet?

Yes! You may offer complimentary services, such as requesting luggage assistance. It is up to the business to define its services and prices.

Why is the fee structure for hotels based on number of rooms?

Some operating costs depend on the number of invitations and connections, which are related to the number of rooms at a hotel, so using the number of rooms is a fair proxy. (It works out to be about 5ยข per day, per room.)

Can I get a discount for multiple locations?

Yes! Please use the Sales page, or send an email to, so that we can work with you to develop a competitive offer.

Can you quote me prices in a currency besides USD?

Yes! Please use the Sales page, or send an email to, so that we communicate pricing in another currency.

Do you provide tablets?

Kozzet is a bring your own tablet solution. Kozzet does not use expensive, proprietary hardware. Check out the Supplies page to easily purchase tablets and other accessories through Amazon.

Do I need dedicated tablets for Kozzet?

We highly recommend using dedicated tablets so that you do not risk missing orders appearing on the service dashboard. However, Kozzet Partner works fine in Split View mode.

How can I submit ideas to improve Kozzet?

We love to hear feedback! Please use the Contact Us page, or send an email to