How Technology Has Shaped Modern Hospitality Trends

Learn how technology has influenced modern hospitality trends.

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Much like every other industry, the face of hospitality is changing with certain advances in technology. If you travel back a ways, people were expected to phone into hotels and handle every aspect of their stays through direct human interaction. Now, 50% of customers who pay by phone report that they would rather pay online. Times have changed. Guests want easy ways to meet their needs in no time, and technology has made this possible. In this article, we will discuss how technology has influenced modern hospitality trends.

Hotel Websites

The modern guest knows that everything that they need to know about a hotel should be available online. When you provide your guests with a simple and engaging website, you have the opportunity to show them why they should choose you over the next hotel. By providing them with vibrant images, a complete breakdown of your offerings, and easy access to positive guest reviews, you can convince them to choose you first. The majority of us instinctually research all businesses online before we interact with them. Making sure that you have an engaging website can drastically improve your booking volume.

Online and Mobile Booking

Guests want convenience and online booking has made it easier than ever for them to set up a stay at popular hotels. The average person will without question go to a booking service or directly to a hotel website in order to secure a hotel room for their stay. Offering these services is crucial for hotel owners because it really is where the majority of guest traffic comes from. Guests love being able to explore the options surrounding their stay in online platforms.

Guest Experience Apps

A guest experience app is an app that is designed to help hotels connect with their guests during their stay. Kozzet, a leading guest experience app, allows you to provide everything that your guest needs in one simplified app. Through Kozzet, they can browse all of your services, explore your menu items, and place orders directly through the app. Since the majority of us are known to shop online and are used to interacting with apps, Kozzet provides a very natural and user-friendly way for guests to take advantage of everything that you have to offer. The majority of people will hesitate to call in a food order but don’t think twice when ordering through a delivery app. Online orders can boost sales by up to 25%. Kozzet is the perfect hospitality solution for this trend. It allows you to make it easy for your customers to invest more in their stay.


Through the use of technology, it has never been easier to reach your customers. Websites, booking services, and guest experience apps allow the modern guest to see everything that you have to offer and makes it easy for them to choose you. Make sure that you stay on top of these trends so that your guests can always count on you to provide a fun and relevant experience. It is a great way to make sure that your hotel is always booked!