Creating A Modern Hotel Guest Experience

Learn a few ways to create a modern hotel guest experience through innovative offerings and the use of a guest experience app.

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In the hospitality world, the experience your guests have is everything. When you run a hotel, you need to take active steps to ensure that your guests love every single moment that they spend on your property. This involves recognizing their needs and offering solutions that help you meet them. The modern guest is not the same as the ones hotels received even ten years ago. Now, people expect a futuristic and tech-friendly approach to suiting their needs. In this article, we will discuss a few ways to create a modern guest experience through innovative offerings and the use of a guest experience app.

Provide Engaging Services

Your guests want to make sure that they spend their time and money effectively. As a hotel, a major part of your job is to ensure that they have great ways to spend their time. This means making it easy and convenient to book services like massages, fitness classes, or any other fun and engaging option. Make sure that you are constantly assessing your service to provide relevant and promising offerings that will be worth your guests’ investments.

Serve Great Menu Items

In the hospitality world, food and drinks are incredibly important. Even if your guests spend all day exploring the area instead of staying on the property, chances are that they will want to order a little something later. Offering delicious drinks and high-quality menu options makes it easy for you to leave them wanting more. Whether it is a wonderful breakfast spread, a cocktail by the pool, or even some late-night dessert, people love to have options.

Use Modern Technology

We are officially at a point where people expect a certain degree of technological innovation wherever they go. Roughly 40% of customers have stated that they prefer to order online. In the modern world, there is an app for everything. This is why it comes as no surprise that the guest experience app genre has officially hit the market. With products like Kozzet, you can create a complete app experience that allows your customers to order food, services, and more right from their mobile device. By putting the power in their hands, you make it easy for them to say yes to purchasing extras.

The Kozzet app was made to bridge the gap between guests and their hotel. These custom solutions allow you to provide your guests with an easy to use interface that not only shows everything that you have to offer, but also makes it simple for them to make any purchases. The days of phoning for room service are officially over. Now, let them order foods and services in the same way they do everything else: in an app.


When you provide your guests with desirable services, delicious menu items, and easy access to both, you have a winning solution. The modern guest is used to shopping for everything online, and now they can do so during their stay. By providing a collection of incredible offerings and an easy way to access them, you can boost your profitability by making it possible for them to have anything with a few simple taps.