Are Introverts a Missed Opportunity?

Learn how the hospitality industry can use technology to reach introverted clients.

3 minutes

In the hospitality industry, we pride ourselves on catering to the needs of our guests, but we might be accidentally pushing away a large percentage of customers. Studies show that roughly 50% of people identify as introverts. Most businesses in the hospitality industry are familiar with their extroverted clients. These are the people who reach out and ask for what they want. What about the rest of the clients—the ones who would rather not have a conversation? In this article, we will discuss how technology can help you to reach the other 50% by improving their comfort, giving them options, and allowing them to speak up in their own way.

Introverts Love Technology

As the age of the internet has grown, it has become clearer than ever that introverts really do have a voice. This quiet bunch might not prefer to speak out in a crowd, but when you put them behind a screen, they can be quite opinionated. Many introverts have shown that they just want to speak their minds from the comfort of their own space. In fact, this group of individuals is thriving in online spaces. They love technology because it allows them to gather their ideas and present them without the intensity or awkwardness of face-to-face interaction.

Empowering Introverted Clients

The hospitality industry is designed to accommodate customers, but not everyone is as accommodated as we think. How many services and options are available to people who simply don’t want to ask for it? It is well known that a lot of introverts would prefer not to talk to a person, so how do we empower them to speak their minds? The answer is in technology. If you give your clients a way to express themselves and ask for more without forcing them to physically ask for it out loud, it makes it easier. Reach your clients by giving them their preferred method of engagement: online activity. In return, they might just share nice sentiments about your business on their social media accounts!

Using Apps to Reach Introverts

There is an app for pretty much everything in this day and age. Do you have one? Apps give introverts the ability to schedule appointments, make requests, and gain access to valuable information. Kozzet was designed to make reaching clients easy by giving them the power of ordering on their smartphones. With this kind of technology, any business in the hospitality industry can benefit from selling products and services to those people who are just too shy to ask.


Creating a way to improve the experience of half of a business’s clientele should be an easy decision, so what are you waiting for? Right now, introverts are flocking to businesses with easy online engagement. It is a way to boost interaction and sales and can also improve your ratings. When it comes to making future business investments, remember to invest in the quiet half of your customer base. You won’t be disappointed!