The COVID-19 Struggle

Learn how Kozzet can help us adapt to CDC guidelines.

1 minute

We are all struggling to adapt to a world upended thanks to COVID-19. Today marks the 6 month anniversary of the United States and South Korea each reporting their first confirmed case of the coronavirus to the World Health Organization. All of us have had to make many sacrifices over these past months.

We want to help. We want to help businesses stay open for business, and we want to help customers stay safe.

CDC recommends to avoid close contact. This means that lines and personal interactions are now risky.

For businesses:

  1. With Kozzet, your services may be conveniently ordered through the app.
  2. The app has chat features to engage customers at a safe distance.
  3. Payments may be made with the app, avoiding further risky interactions.

For customers:

  1. Ordering through Kozzet can avoid waiting in lines so that you can maintain a safe social distance.
  2. The app has chat features so that you can still have meaningful interactions with service providers, despite being socially distant.
  3. You can pay through the app, so you can avoid further risky interactions.

We have solutions to help keep a safe, social distance at many businesses, while still promoting commerce.

COVID will eventually be a story that we tell our grandkids. In the meantime, let’s innovate together.