Waiting can feel like an eternity!

Learn how Kozzet can help increase guest satisfaction by reducing wait times.

2 minutes

Have you ever been lounging at a pool and interested in ordering something, but can’t find the server? It may only take a few minutes, but those minutes can feel like an eternity. Delays may be compounded when you first need to ask for a menu, then the server disappears while you make a decision, and then you are waiting again just to submit your order. Not to mention that you are waiting again for the order to be ultimately delivered.

Servers simply cannot be everywhere at once. You are usually not the only person competing for a server’s attention; sometimes you need to wait while your server deals with other guests. Then, of course, orders are walked back for entering into a Point of Sale system, and then communicated to the kitchen or bar. There are lots of delays between ordering and delivery.

Imagine that you could skip some of that delay by simple submitting an order directly using your smartphone. Kozzet offers that convenience!

Never mind waiting for a server’s attention because you can skip that delay and immediately submit an order with the Kozzet app. Kozzet is similar to the many food delivery apps that you already know, but it is designed for when you are at a hospitality provider, such as a resort, hotel, country club, stadium, etc.

When you open the Kozzet app, your location is used to automatically identify where you are and what services are available. You will need to check in, so that the server knows precisely where to deliver your order, and that gives you access to the service menu. A wide range of services may be available – it is not limited to food and drinks.

Waiting for a menu is eliminated because Kozzet provides your menu. Waiting for a server’s attention is eliminated because you can submit your order using Kozzet.

All of this results in happier guests because they are being serviced more efficiently, and services are conveniently available – they are in control of their ordering. Servers also benefit because some back and forth can be eliminated. Build deeper loyalty with every single small interaction.