About Us

We offer services at your fingertips


Our Mission

To enhance guest experiences by conveniently connecting customers to the services around them.

Our Vision

To maximize the guest experience.

Our Approach

Service Bell
To offer available services through a mobile ordering platform that puts the guest in control.

What does Kozzet mean?

Kozzet is derived from the word cosset which means to pamper or indulge. For example, “The hotel cossets its guests with friendly service." The word captures our goal of providing an exceptional guest experience.

What does the 🍍 Pineapple symbolize?

Pineapples were once known as the Treat of Kings and have long been a significant cultural icon of luxury and wealth.1 Hundreds of years ago, visitors confronted with pineapple-topped food displays felt particularly honored by a host who obviously spared no expense to ensure the guests' dining pleasure. Pineapples came to express the sense of welcome, good cheer, human warmth and family affection.2 To this day, the pineapple symbolizes hospitality.

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