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Empower guests with mobile ordering and chat for a next-generation guest experience.

Why Kozzet?

86 %
Are willing to pay more for a great customer experience
73 %
Say customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions
67 %
Prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative
59 %
Prefer contactless payment

Kozzet is a hospitality platform that adds mobile ordering and chat services to any hospitality provider.

Studies show that people placing their own orders tend to engage with the menu longer and spend 15% to 25% more.

Invest in your Guest Experience

Boost Satisfaction

Increase Loyalty

Gain Sales

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How it works


Use the Kozzet app to browse the menu and submit your order.


The order is submitted to the provider, fulfilled and then delivered to you.


Enjoy your order! When you need something else, repeat.

Infinite possibilities

Kozzet may be used to connect guests with a wide variety of services

Hotel Room Service

Hotel Room Service

Poolside Service

Poolside Service

Golf Course Service

Golf Course Service

Seat Service

Seat Service

Casino Service

Casino Service

Table Service

Table Service

How to Connect with Kozzet

Guests can connect with Kozzet in a variety of ways and maintain multiple connections at once

Connections usually combine customer information with location information. The location defines what is available and tells where to deliver the order. Locations are often numbers, such as a Room #, Cabana #, Lounge Chair #, Table #, Seat # –– the possibilities are endless. Pickup is also supported.


Digital Invitation
Guests can receive a digitial invitation, through email or text, with a mobile device link. The link will download the app if it is not already installed and establish the connection.

QR Code Scan

Sign with QR Code
Signs throughout the property can display a QR Code that can easily be scanned with a mobile device to establish a connection specific to the location.

Choose through the app

Choose to Connect
From the Kozzet app, the guest can choose a place and specify location information to establish a connection.

Kozzet in action

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